The Early History of World Poker Tour or WPT

WSOP is the main tournament of Poker held in Vegas every year and there are so many players in the world but you need to know as well about WPT. Everybody knows if WSOP is the main tournament for card game held in Vegas every year including those who never play holdem before. However, the main tournament is not only WSOP since you need to know about WPT too or World Poker Tour. This tournament is considered new compared to WSOP which was held in 1970. However, many people consider it as the second biggest tournament.

What is WPT Poker Tournament

WPT is premiere name in the entertainment and gaming on television internationally with the brand presence of mobile, online, television and tournament land-based. It was held for the first time in 2002 and this Poker tournament held the international series of this game. It is associated to television for broadcasting the playdown and also the final in every Poker tournament. Anyone can join this tournament with drawing power.

It means those who want to compete against professional players can pay buy-in directly or you may win the small satellite tournament. The first debut of the season took part in 2002 and in the early of 2003. The climax of this tournament happened in 2003 on WPT Championship held in April at Bellagio Casino in Las Vegas.

The WPT events are basically belong to WPT Main Tour and this tournament focuses to offer the buy-in with range at $3500 to $25000 and the Poker winner can get the precious prize.